I believe in a life well lived- in a beautiful home, with good food, good clothes, and beautiful gardens, spent with my family- my husband and children are my very favorite people. I believe in buying nice things that last, and saving money. I believe it’s easy to be gentle to this beautiful planet we live on with just a little bit of forethought and planning. I believe a beautiful life is for everybody- not just that neighbor you can’t seem to keep up with, for the wealthy- but for you. It’s achievable, and I want to help you create a life you love.

I love creating a lovely, comfortable, approachable interior… balanced with the needs of a three year old and almost one year old. I love creating food that is a little bit fancy, a little bit homey, and a lot delicious. I’m a landscape addict, and can’t wait to create the English cottage style garden that features drought tolerant species and a vegetable garden that will take full advantage of our zone 9 climate. Finally, I love fashion… that can handle whatever my kids throw at it.

Join me as I turn our new house into a home and create a life I love. It will be a journey, and nothing will happen overnight, but step by step, it will become my reality.