Our Hilltop Home Tour- Guest Suite and Bedrooms

Okay, the cat is out of the bag, and I can hardly contain my excitement- WE ARE MOVING! I have waited for this moment for a long, long time- almost 6 years. However, like I mentioned in my Instagram post, this change is a little terrifying. This house is going to be a big project, inside and out, and although I can’t wait to get started, I’m feeling some trepidation at starting something so large with two small children in tow… especially two tenacious, curious, strong willed small children!

There’s a lot to show you, as this house is considerably larger tban my current home, so I’m going to break this tour down into multiple posts. I’m starting with one of the reasons we fell in love with this house- the guest room.

We are moving quite a distance from family, so having a place where they could stay comfortably was really important to us. This home has a large guest room, with access to the garden, a large closet, and it’s own complete bathroom (and anyone who has shared a bathroom with a potty training toddler will tell you that this is a realllyyyy nice thing to have.)


This room is actually larger than the master suite, and while the temptation to use it for ourselves instead is there, we want to keep our room close to the babies, so we will be keeping this as the guest room. Eventually we’ll update the flooring, but we’re going to start with a fresh coat of paint and new window coverings.

One of the first things we plan on updating right away is every bathroom (this is one of three). I’m still trying to decide what I want to do, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to involve at least one can of white paint. (I have a strong feeling that Sherwin Williams is really going to love me when this project is over…)

The children’s rooms are pretty standard:

Caroline’s room is on the right, David’s room is on the left. C’s room has a sliding door to the garden (one of four total….), so this room gets a ton of light. David is much more light sensitive than her, which is why we decided to put her in this room. The carpets are going to be deep cleaned, and, of course, the walls will be painted and we’ll add new draperies and take the vertical blinds down. David thinks vertical blinds are just the best thing to play with. So. Awesome.

We really liked the potential in the master suite:


The master ALSO has a sliding glass door, but lacks a step out to the garden, so, for now, this door won’t be in use. It’s a large room, and I love the amount of light it gets.

The water closet (shower and toilet) is quite small, but the vanity is enormous! We’ve been toying around with a few ideas on how to update this (some of them are on my Pinterest account!) but at this point we’re undecided. I mean, how much do we REALLY want to bite off right now?

And, finally:


Mirrored closet doors. My mother in law laughed when I showed her this picture, because these are the EXACT same closet doors we took out of our current home. Yes, mirrored closet doors are practical, but I hate them. Actually, I loathe them. So, these bad boys are going to be escorted out quite quickly. (Side note- do you like the Canadian tuxedo I’m rocking?)

I can’t wait to share more- I’ll be adding the second half of the home tour on Tuesday ❤





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