Be as happy as possible

Some days- or weeks-, you just can’t keep it all together.

Right now, my house is a mess, I’m fighting the worst break-out on my chin I’ve had in YEARS <<years, people!!!!!!>>, and my toddler simply refuses to go number two in the toilet. Additionally, he keeps on forgetting he has to pee, and therefore wets himself, so we go through under-roos and pants at an alarming rate. My baby keeps on waking up in the night, not just once, but twice, and sometimes three times. Work is crazy right now… spring fever is real in my students, let me tell you. I’m exhausted, and I look like it.

But I have to remind myself, this is just a season. The acne will fade, the house will never really be completely in order because we live in it, my son will eventually figure out how to use the bathroom, and my daughter will stop waking up in the middle of the night. The school year will end, and I’ll have new students to learn about and with next year. Life is imperfect, messy, overwhelming… but its much more joyful, fun, inspiring, and beautiful if you choose to see it that way. I remember reading a quote that said “Stop waiting for Friday. Stop waiting for summer. Your life is happening RIGHT NOW.” We can tell ourselves it’ll get better in the future, but we miss out on the wonderful happening right in front of us.

I’m not trying to be melancholy… so many things are good. It’s important to be as happy as possible, to try to focus on the good as much as possible. I had to laugh when one of my students looked at me, straight faced, and with an accusatory tone, said “You try to find the silver lining in everything, don’t you?!” Well, yea, I do. I try to remember that happiness is by choice, and not by chance.

Don’t get me wrong- there are times where the brightness is harder to find. I went through this last May, when my daughter was born early and my grandmother passed away unexpectedly two weeks earlier. It was difficult to find that spark. There have been times I’ve had to seek help in order to find it. But the light is always there, I’m convinced. Sometimes it’s just shrouded with lots of heavy things.

So, here’s some happy photos, because it’s been a doozy, and I need a smile. O, and none of these are documenting the worst breakout ever. Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!



Kermit loves to express his deepest emotions through the majesty of song. 


Beachside in the Dominican Republic with my husband for a wedding. 



Sweet Caroline, 9 months old and happy, because she’s pretty much always happy. 



David at 3 months old. It just goes too quickly. Now he’s sassier than you can imagine. 

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