I remember when I first got pregnant with David, I feared that I would never, ever loose the baby weight and I would never have an interest in fashion or makeup or… anything… ever again. Our culture seems to expect a mom to loose herself in her children, and if she doesn’t, she isn’t a very good mom.

I’m sorry to burst that bubble, that’s total crap.

That’s not good for a woman, that’s not good for a family and a marriage or relationship, and that’s not good for a child (for a lot of reasons!)

You have to embrace AND. I can be a mom AND enjoy getting dressed. I can be a good mom AND need time away from my children to recharge. I can like expensive things AND like a bargain. Why does one thing have to exclude another? This all or nothing sentiment isn’t healthy. Life isn’t black or white- there’s so much grey. Love that grey area. You’ll be happier, from my experience.

This leads me back to my original sentence- as a soon to be mother, I belived I wouldn’t really have an interest in fashion again. I realized this was complete bollocks at about two weeks postpartum, as I stared eagerly at my pre-baby clothes. I couldn’t wait to reclaim that part of myself, in the midst of a sleep deprived fog.

Almost three years of motherhood later, and I still like getting dressed up. I certainly think differently about the clothes that I buy (can this be washed if my Caroline spits up on it? is a major concern), but that hasn’t stopped me from having fun with clothes.

My momiform this week balanced cold rainy weather, an evaluation meeting, and a grumpy toddler. (Any one else find that their toddler was particularly irritable this week? Full moon, maybe?) My husband kindly snapped some highlights this week.


Sundry clothing tee, Frame denim (no longer available) Frye boots (no longer available)



Abercrombie jacket (linked to similar), Target tee shirt and dollar spot scarf. 

I’ve fully embraced AND. I can be a mom AND still follow my love for good clothing.  You gotta do you, friend.


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